While I am not a LICENCED tiler I have done small tiling jobs all my working life. 

      QBCC ALLOWS tiling work for UNLICENCED PERSONS up to $3000.00+ GST = $3300.00.

Therefore when having your Enamel bath, Fibreglass bath, Acrylic bath or Shower tray repaired rebuilt or                    resurfacedhave your tiles cleaned or regrouted for a much smaller outlay.

When the shower floor grout falls out, there is only one way of fixing this, without pulling every thing out.

All the old silicone, mould and grout has to be removed.

The floor tiles are then cleaned, and all water removed from under the floor tiles.       

The floor grout is then replaced with an epoxy grout which is left to dry overnight, all silicone seals are replaced after the epoxy has dried.

This creates a new fresh feel and look for the shower at a fraction of the cost of removing tiles and starting from new.

 Using an epoxy grout is the only way of giving a water proof floor, other than pulling it apart and rebuilding.

Tiled Shower floor regrout.
Leaking shower tile floor sealed.

Tile regrouting

Tile repairs

Tile Repair

In a lot of cases tiles are no longer obtainable, repairing of the existing floor tiles is a lot more economical, than the pulling up and replacement of tiled areas through out the home. The repairing of tiles is not as good as the replacement of damaged tiles if spare one can be found. However reasonable results can be achieved with repairing, subject to colour and gloss level. 

Quotations given by visual inspection only.

Repaired  chiped tiles

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