Bath Repair & Bath RESURFACING 

ON THE RUN BATH REPAIRS are agents for a new generation of bath or shower resurfacing material, this new material and process allows for the repair of bath or shower ware that could not be repaired previously.

This new process can repair most damage inflicted to all bath and shower types.

The final finished result is a high shine bath that is stronger but still the same shape as your original unit.

There is no plumbing, tiling, very little fumes, and fully usable in 30 hours.


resurface 1.JPG

                                      Normally a bath with this type of damage would be pulled out and replaced.

For a fraction the cost of a full bath tub pullout and replacement. 

New generation Bath & Shower Resurfacing  is a low cost, way of keeping that bathroom operational all the time. Installed and fully operational with in 24 hours with little toxic fumes.

The finished result! A modern, fantastic looking bathtub or shower that will not chip, peel, fade or dis-colour.

Combine this with having your tiles cleaned and regrouted for a completely new look and feel

A brighter, fresher bathroom, with a new lease on life, for many years to come.

​Advantages of using this new system

• High gloss, non slip finish
• Resurfaces any shape

• No toxic fumes
• Usable within 30 hrs
• No extra plumbing or tiling